2nd International Meeting of ERASMUS+ SPORT “Smart Rugby” Project in Braga

Members of the Portuguese, Romanian and Galician partners for the implementation of the European project Smart Rugby, which aims to provide an educational tool through rugby for the social and personal development of children, will meet on 19/2/02/22 at the CADI building of Associação Juvenil Synergia, Braga.

The second meeting of the European project Smart Rugby, within the ERASMUS + SPORT program, organized by Associacao de Rugby do Norte (Portugal) will take place at CADI building of Associaçao Juvenil Synergia (Braga). Members of the Galician Rugby Federation (FGR, Spain) as project coordinator, Associaçao de Rugby do Norte (ARN Portugal), ASC Rugby Cluj Junior (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), RFC Sumi XV (Cortegada, Spain) and Muralla RC (Lugo, Spain), are working together to develop this project. The project was drawn up by the company Desarrollo e Innovación Deportiva S.L. of Ourense.

This second face-to-face meeting will serve to determine the development of the educational tool. The first steps of the development of the different didactic units will be given and the next steps to follow will be specified.

After the meeting and taking advantage of the celebration the next day in the field of Parque de Jogos da Caseta (Braga), which will be attended by more than 200 children under 12 years old, the foreign partners will be invited to attend the event to show them in situ the situation of the Portuguese rugby base. The tournament will also be used to publicise the project and establish contact with interested parties (parents, teachers and coaches) through a tent near the field that will serve as an information point.


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